About us

Ideoxide is a versatile multidisciplinary design and visual communication consultancy firm that specializes in creative ideas & strategic communication along with brand consultancy through comprehensive visual mediums like branding, packaging, photography, film, animation, web, UI and motion graphics, for brands across a multifarious audience. We aim to put you and your brand into limelight and help you create the market impact that you deserve.


Sagar is the face behind everything design in Ideoxide. Being a creative base to the firm, he brings design thinking and creative approach to the table. Design strategy and brand placement are one of his many skills.

The will to learn encouraged him to teach himself design, learn from a mentor and venture out to work with notable design firms and ad agencies to gain more experience and insight.

Being a self-taught artist and designer he comes with 6 years of experience in graphic design, branding, UI design, animation, motion graphics, writing and 3d visualization. Having worked in core automotive industry for a good 2.5 years, he has an edge over interface design and experience. An MBA up his sleeve also brings insights and marketing experience to challenging projects.

Apart from work, he can be often seen either pumping iron in the gym, practicing martial arts, honing his art of coffee making or riding the distance on his motorcycle. He is also a keen astronomy enthusiast and a passionate gardener.


The brain behind Ideoxide, Ruchir grew up all over Gujarat. Despite being homeschooled through childhood, he holds a diploma in VFX with specialization in Photography and Video Production. He also oversees web design at Ideoxide.

Curiosity encouraged him to learn everything through experience, most of which he wouldn’t learn in schools. Being a problem-solver in all areas makes him a real life example of ‘Jack of All Trades’.

Ruchir is equipped with 5 years of experience in political journalism, television production, documentary filmmaking and advertisement, along with 6 years of experience in teaching film and video and managing an in-house video production studio.

He is a DIY enthusiast and when he’s not working, he is found either chilling out in wilderness with birds and animals, babysitting his massive population of flora in his private ‘cabin-in-the-woods’, travelling on his motorcycle across the country or simply cozying up to a nice thriller novel.


At Ideoxide Chinmay is at the heart of everything about photography and cinematography. He brings with him a vast experience and insight in working with lights and lens. Born in a typical Indian family, engineering came to him by fault and default.

His love for travelling and seeing new places got him into photography and a lifelong passion of being behind the camera. He also is a post-graduate in advertising and public relations.

Being a self-taught photographer who specializes in fine art nature photography, he was awarded as the Top 8 Young Photographers of India in 2015 by Saevus Magazine and Top 4 Emerging Photographers of the Year 2017 by Better Photography magazine. With an experience of 7 years in photography, he is extremely perceptive to composition and lights.

Travelling and taking pictures is oxygen to him and thrives on it. When he’s not being the photographer he is, he can be found being an adventurer cycling across various terrains, camping and trekking.